Each passenger may carry one standard piece of luggage and one small item of hand luggage (for example a handbag or laptop). If you have additional or extra large baggage or sporting equipment, select from the options below:

Pick up Location

Pick up Date

Pick up Hour

Where to

Where to go Date

Where to go Hour

Daily Tour

Adult 12+

Child < 12

Infants 0-2

Extra stop in same town One Way

Extra stop in same town Return

Extra large suitcase

Extra bag (max 20kg per unit)

Electric Mobility Scooter

Bicycle (max 20kg/unit)

Manual wheelchair , not electric

Golf Bag (max 15kg/unit)

Surf Board

Wind Surfer

Skis / Snowboard (max 15kg/unit)

Small dog or cat in soft IATA compliant travel bag (max. 8kg)

Small or medium pet in IATA compliant pet crate (max. 15kg)

Large pet in IATA compliant pet crate (max 35kg)